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Go. Serve. Lead

Wallula works to equip and transform people to go out and be Christ to others. Through the missions ministry, Wallula is able to offer regular support to organizations and ministries in the Leavenworth and Lansing communities as well as missionaries all over the world, supporting their work to further the Kingdom! If you would like more info about WCC's missionaries or the missions team, 

please contact Dave Coleman at herman50@sunflower.com

The Inchaustegui Family | 

Misión Sports Camp

While serving at a Christian sports camp in 2000, Shawn felt the Lord's calling to start a sports camp ministry in Mexico. After gaining camp experience, as well as a Masters in Youth & Family Ministry, Shawn and his wife Susan began serving in Mexico in 2009 and Misión Sports Camp was launched in 2011. It's first pilot camp was held that summer. Two national co-directors work with Shawn to provide leadership and national staff serve as counselors. The first camp was a successful cultural exchange with 28 Mexican and 13 US campers. Through sports and camping, youth are trained in Christian values, Godly community, and Biblical instruction. Shawn and Susan's prayer is that the hearts of these future leaders of Mexico will be transformed by Christ, and through him, the country of Mexico will be impacted. 

Jesse Yangmi | 

Lisu Bible Institute

Jesse ministers to the Lisu people in Burma, China and Thailand where he was instrumental in the beginning and building the Lisu Bible Institute. Among his multiple ministries, he recently completed a new translation of the Bible into the Lisu language complete with study guides. His next goal is to have the Bibles printed and distributed to as many of the Lisu people as possible. Printing costs are $12 per copy. 

LBI is a four year, college level, BIble teaching institute that systematically teaches and trains future leaders for the Lisu church. The LBI curriculum covers subjects such as Old Testament history, Acts, New Testament evidences, Apologetics, and exegetical studies of the Epistles, Graduates of LBI serve in a variety of capacities from teaching and preaching, to working with other mission organizations in orphanages, youth hostels, and administrative positions. A few have returned to LBI as faculty members. 

Amanda & Yoha Wongnirattisai |

Serving in Thailand

Yoha and Amanda serve in the city of Pai in Northern Thailand. They are currently focusing their efforts on the water filter project which serves many of the remote villages in the area. Although many people in Thailand are able to have clean, bottled water delivered to their homes, this service isn't available in the remote villages. This is why the filters are so badly needed. They are able to use the clean, "living" water as an evangelism tool for sharing the Gospel in the villages. They have 3 children, Benjamin, and their 8 year old nephew who lives with them, John Bryan, their first child born in October 2011, and Rosi Beth, born in the fall of 2014.