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So, I've been thinking...

God never stops Coaching!

I remember it like it was yesterday, instead of the scary long time it has been. I was at my High School baseball tryouts. We were working through a drill in which catchers received a throw from an infielder and returned the ball to a middle infielder covering second base. I caught the ball and made a throw that hooked to the third base side of second. This is a "no-no" for catchers as you want the ball to be on the first base side in order to tag out would be base stealers. The coach standing at home turned and remarked about my error to the varsity catcher and said nothing to me. Varsity baseball was not in my future. It is bad news when a coach stops coaching you!

As I was reading through the book of Philippians today I couldn't help but realize how obvious it  should be to followers of Jesus that we live full of joy all the time! God never stops coaching us, He stays involved in our lives and continues to shape us to become more like Him. I discovered fourteen different ways God coaches us in the book of Philippians: 

1. God begins a good working in us (Phil 1:6)

2. God testifies to our prayers (Phil 1:8)

3. God provides us with help through His Spirit (Phil 1:19)

4. God encourages us through the unity provided by Jesus (Phil 2:1)

5. God comforts us through His love (Phil 2:1)

6. God provides fellowship through His Spirit  (Phil 2:1)

7. God works in and through us (Phil 2:13)

8. God provides us with mercy in thought spots (Phil 2:27)

9. God takes hold of us (Phil 3:12)

10. God calls us heavenward (Phil 3:14)

11. God transforms our earthly bodies to heavenly ones (Phil 3:21)

12. God offers us peace that passes understanding (Phil 4:7)

13. God gives us strength (Phil 4:13)

14. God meets our needs (Phil  4:19)

Wow! What a list! God supplies us with so many reasons, in all seasons of life to rejoice! If life has you down consider this list and how God is still at work in you. If you're having trouble starting this new year off with the same excitement that you normally do, lean on God as your coach. He wants to encourage and work in you!

- Lance